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  • Students are working hard in their classes.  As it usually is Homework is a major concern as some students are struggling to complete this on time and consistently.  Please help by monitoring grades.

  • Grading on the new Surface Pros is a learning process for me as well as the students.  I have found it can be quite time consuming.  I will do my best to stay as up to date as I can.  However, late work is the hardest task as students need to make sure they sink their work when they complete things late and also tell me or email me to have me re-check it.  If you could encourage them to do this it helps me catch late work as students complete it as there is no way for me to know if something needs to be re-graded after I have gone through notebooks once.  


Biology Syllabus

Honors Biology Syllabus

Physical Science Syllabus

Lab Safety Contract